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Readings from Hebrews

The book of Hebrews is an anonymous letter (suggested authors have included Paul, Barnabas, and Apollos among others) that reads like a sermon with letter-like greetings at the conclusion. Its theme is that Jesus is better--better than angels, Moses, Joshua, Aaron, and the Levitical priesthood, with a better covenant and sacrifice; therefore, Christians should be careful not to fall away from him, into neither sin nor Judaism.

Read the following from Hebrews:

1:1-4      the nature of the Son

2:1-4      pay attention to great salvation

2:14-18    Jesus suffered and tempted

3:1-6      Jesus greater than Moses

3:12-15    do not have evil, unbelieving heart

4:8-16     sabbath rest / word of God / high priest without sin

5:7-14     Jesus learned obedience through suffering

6:1-6      impossible to restore from apostasy

7:1-3      Melchizedek

7:11-14    change in the priesthood and law

7:23-27    Jesus and permanent priest

8:6-8, 13  new covenant

9:15-17    Jesus' death redeems from transgressions

9:24-28    sacrifice once for all offered in heaven

10:1-4     law as shadow / animals not take away sins

10:23-27   not neglecting to meet together

11:1-3, 6  faith

12:1-11    discipline as sons

13:1-8     exhortations

13:15-17   Christian sacrifices

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