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Readings from James

This letter was most likely written by James the brother of the Lord. It is a kind of wisdom literature, similar to Proverbs.

Read the following from James:

1:2-8  joy in suffering / asking for wisdom
     v. 5--if lack wisdom, ask God

1:13-17  not tempted by God / good and perfect gift
     vv. 13-14--God tempts no one
     v. 17--every good and perfect gift from above

1:22-27  doers of the word / pure religion
     v. 22--doers and not hearers only
     v. 27--religion that is pure and undefiled

2:1-13  partiality and prejudice
     v. 10--break one point of law and guilty of all

2:14-26  faith and works
     v. 24--not by faith only

3:1-12  the tongue

3:13-18  wisdom
     v. 17--characteristics of the wisdom from above

4:1-3  unanswered prayer
     v. 3--do not receive because ask wrongly

4:13-17  if the Lord wills
     v. 17--it is sin to fail to do what one knows is right

5:13-20  praying for the sick / restoring the erring
     v. 16--confess your sins and pray

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