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1, 2, & 3 John

  1. What are the two results of walking in the light?

  2. What two things is Jesus to us if we sin?

  3. What are three classifications of temptations to sin? How are they like Eve's temptation in the garden (Gen. 3:6) and Jesus' temptation in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-12)?

  4. What reason does John give why the antichrists left the Christians?

  5. What are Christians now? What shall we be when Christ appears?

  6. How does John define sin?

  7. What two reasons does John give why Christians cannot keep on sinning?

  8. Why did Cain murder his brother?

  9. In what two ways are Christians not just to love? In what two ways are Christians to love?

  10. Why are Christians to test the spirits of the prophets?

  11. What two reasons does John give why Christians are supposed to love one another?

  12. Why can a person not love God and hate his brother?

  13. Who overcomes the world? By what does he or she overcome the world?

  14. Why did John write the letter of 1 John?

  15. For what kind of sin should one pray for if his brother commits it?

  16. What is it that deceivers and antichrists would not acknowledge?

  17. What two reasons does John give as to why Christians should help fellow Christians who are working in God's service?

  18. What two things was Diotrephes doing to Christians who wanted to welcome brothers with which he disagreed?

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