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Readings from 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus

These letters were written toward the end of Paul's life, apparently after he had been let out of his Roman imprisonment mentioned in Acts 28. 1 Timothy was written while he was still free, and 2 Timothy was written after he had been imprisoned again. Titus was a letter written by Paul to his co-worker Titus telling him how to order the church in Crete. It was apparently sent about the same time as 1 Timothy. These three letters are called the "Pastorals."

Read the following from 1 & 2 Timothy:

1 Timothy
1:3-4  the error

2:1-3:13  various groups
     2:4--God desires all men to be saved
     2:8-12--duties of men and women
     3:1-7--qualifications of bishops
     3:8-13--qualifications of deacons

4:1-5  the coming apostasy

6:6-13  various exhortations
     6:7--cannot take anything out of this world
     6:10--love of money is root of all kinds of evil
     6:12-13--the good confession

2 Timothy
1:5  Timothy's grandmother and mother

2:14-4:8  instructions
     2:15--rightly handling the word of truth
     3:5--holding a form of religion, but denying its power
     3:15-16--the character of the scriptures
     4:2--the preacher's charge
     4:3--itching ears
     4:7--fought the good fight
Read the the following verses of Titus:

	1:5--fix what is wrong & appoint elders in every town
	1:6-9--qualification of elders/bishops
	1:15-16--to pure all things are pure
	2:11-14--the teaching of grace
	3:4-7--salvation by God's grace
	3:9-11--avoid quarrels and factious people

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