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Double Homework


  1. Does Paul think that he will live or die as a result of his imprisonment?

  2. What confession will every person make either sooner or later?

  3. What three things does Paul call those who want Christians to be circumcised?

  4. To What Jewish sect had Paul belonged?

  5. What two women who were feuding did Paul want to agree?

  6. What church or churches supported Paul financially when he first left Macedonia?

Bonus: What person brought a money gift to Paul?



  1. From whom did the church at Colossae learn the gospel?

  2. What did Christ use to make peace between God and man?

  3. What dwells/lives bodily in Christ?

  4. What were some falsely teaching that Christians should do to angels?

  5. What binds everything together in perfect harmony/unity?

  6. What two people delivered this letter to Colossae?

Bonus: What other church got a letter from Paul at this time?


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