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  1. What was Paul's attitude toward life and death?

  2. What evidence do you see in Philippians for the divine nature of Christ?

  3. How did Christ humble himself?

  4. What is the relationship between Christians, God, and work?

  5. What reasons could Paul have had for boasting in his fleshly achievements?

  6. Why did Paul count everything as loss?

  7. What was Paul's attitude toward the things that he had already done?

  8. In what four ways does Paul describe those who live as enemies of the cross of Christ?

  9. To what country do Christians belong?

  10. What kind of change will happen to Christians' bodies when Christ comes again? What will effect this change?

  11. What are Christians to do instead of worrying about things?

  12. What things does Paul say that Christians should think about?

  13. What had Paul learned that had taught him not to complain? What was the source of his strength in this?

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