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Prison Epistles


  1. What phrase is repeated several times in chapter 1 that shows God's purpose in all His plan?

  2. By what is a person saved? What has God created Christians to do? (chap. 2)

  3. What does Paul say happened to the law with its commandments and why? (chap. 2)

  4. What are the seven ones of the unity of the Spirit? (chap. 4)

  5. What gifts did Christ give the church and why? (chap. 4)

  6. What three kinds of activities should accompany the lives of those who are filled with the Spirit? (chap. 5)

  7. What commands does Paul give to husbands and wives as far as their relationship to each other goes? (chap. 5)

  8. Against what classes is the Christians' warfare directed? (chap. 6)

  9. What kind of armor is the Christian to wear in his or her battle? (chap. 6)


  1. What evidence do you see in Philippians for the divine nature of Christ? (chap. 2)

  2. How did Christ humble himself? (chap. 2)

  3. Why did Paul count everything as loss? (chap. 3)

  4. To what country do Christians belong? (chap. 3)

  5. What kind of change will happen to Christians' bodies when Christ comes again? (chap. 3)

  6. What are Christians to do instead of worrying about things? (chap. 4)

  7. What things does Paul say that Christians should think about? (chap. 4)

  8. What church or churches supported Paul financially when he first left Macedonia? (chap. 4)


  1. To what extent does Paul say that the gospel had spread in the first century? (chap. 1)

  2. What does Paul think about philosophy? Why? (chap. 2)

  3. Where and how does the whole fulness of deity dwell? (chap. 2)

  4. What evidence do you see in Colossians that baptism was practiced by immersion in the first century? (chap. 2)

  5. What did Jesus do with the written bond (instrument of debt) that was against us because we had not kept the regulations? (chap. 2)

  6. What is Paul's assessment of the food regulations and religious holy days under the law of Moses? (chap. 2)

  7. What should be done in the name of Jesus? (chap. 3)


  1. Why did Paul want to keep Onesimus? Why did he not do so?

  2. What did Paul see as the ultimate reason why Onesimus ran away?

  3. What offer did Paul make Philemon about the damage that Onesimus had done him?


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