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Unity and Conclusion

Romans 14-16

  1. What did Paul command the strong Christians to do for the weak? (14:1)

  2. What were the two main issues over which Roman Christians were disagreeing? (14:2, 5)

  3. What were the two attitudes that Paul exhorted the Roman Christians not to have? (14:3)

  4. Can an action be not wrong within itself but still be wrong to do? Why or why not? (14:14)

  5. What three things does Paul say are significant within the kingdom of God? (14:17)

  6. What is the reason that Paul gives why one might abstain from drinking wine? (14:21)

  7. What is the situation of one who doubts that what he is doing is right while he does it? (14:23)

  8. What is the purpose of the Old Testament scriptures? (15:4)

  9. To whom had God sent Paul? What kind of sacrifice did he offer God? (15:15-16)

  10. Where had Paul previously preached the gospel at the time he wrote the book of Romans? (15:19)

  11. How did Paul decide where he wanted to preach the gospel? (15:20)

  12. Where was Paul going in the immediate future? Why? Where was he planning to go after that? (15:24-25)

  13. Who was from Cenchreae? What had she been? (16:1-2)

  14. How many women are listed in Paul's final greetings? (16:3-16)

  15. How many house churches or groups of Christians are listed in Paul's final greetings? (16:3-16)

  16. What was to be done with people who cause trouble in the church? Who are they serving? (16:17-18)

  17. Who acted as Paul's secretary in writing the letter of Romans for him? (16:22)

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