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Romans 3:21-5:21

  1. Who has sinned? (3:23) By what are such sinners justified (declared righteous)? Through what? (3:24)

  2. What did God put forth Jesus as? By what? How is it received? (3:25)

  3. How was Abraham justified? (4:3)

  4. If a person is working for his or her salvation, what is the reward (wages) considered? (4:4)

  5. If a person is not trying to earn his or her salvation by working for it, what does God do to such a person's faith? (4:5)

  6. What blessing did David pronounce, and on whom? (4:7-8)

  7. What were two reasons why Abraham could have doubted God's promise? (4:19) Why did he not doubt? (4:21)

  8. For whose benefit was it written down that Abraham's faith was reckoned (credited) as righteousness? (4:23-24)

  9. What does justification by faith give us with God? (5:1)

  10. Why should a person rejoice in sufferings? (5:3-5)

  11. What three things were we when Christ died for us? (5:6, 8, 10)

  12. How did sin come into the world? (5:12)


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