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Romans 6-8

  1. Is it permissible to sin since we are saved by grace? Why or why not? (6:1-2)

  2. What else were those who were baptized into Christ baptized into? (6:3-4)

  3. What kind of death did we die when we were baptized? What was the purpose of this death? (6:6)

  4. To what must Christians yield (present) and not yield (present) themselves? (6:13)

  5. To whom were Christians once slaves? Whose slaves are they now? (6:17-18)

  6. What analogy does Paul use to describe the relationship between Christians and the law? What happened to break that relationship? (7:2, 4)

  7. What word (in its subjective, objective, possessive, and reflexive forms) is found over 40 times in Romans 7:7-25?

  8. How does Paul describe the differences between the human will and human flesh? (7:18)

  9. What has set Christians free and how has it done it? (8:2-3)

  10. What do those who live according to the Spirit do with their minds to maintain their relationship with Him? (8:5-6)

  11. Who must put to death the deeds of the body and with whose help? (8:13)

  12. What will happen to creation at the second coming? (8:21)

  13. What does God do with the circumstances of life for those who love Him? (8:28)

  14. What all things cannot separate us from the love of God? (8:38-39)


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