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Romans 9-11

The Implied Objection: If justification were really by faith in Jesus Christ, the Jews, God's chosen people, would have believed in Him.

Paul's answers:

  1. Not every Jew is a part of the chosen people. (9:6-29)
  2. The Jews rejected Christ because they are trying without success to be justified by works, they are ignorant of God's righteousness, and they are a disobedient and contrary people. (9:30-10:21)
  3. Some Jews, including me, have accepted Christ. (11:1-10)
  4. The Jews still can come to Christ, and probably will. (11:11- 32)


  1. On what does salvation not depend? On what does it depend? (9:16)

  2. Why did Israel not succeed in fulfilling the law of Moses? (9:31-32)

  3. What is Christ's relationship to the law? (10:4)

  4. What must a person confess and believe in order to be saved? (10:9-10)

  5. What steps does Paul list that precede calling on the name of the Lord? (10:14-15)

  6. Where does faith come from? (10:17)

  7. Can a person be saved by grace and works at the same time? Why? (11:6)

  8. Why were Jewish branches broken off? What was put in their place? (11:13, 19-20)


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