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Scriptures for Questions that Students Often Miss

Acts 2:38                repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins and gift of Holy Spirit
Acts chap. 10            Cornelius and his family and friends were first Gentile converts
Acts 13:2                Paul and Barnabas went on first missionary journey
Acts 15:1, 5             the Jerusalem conference was about circumcision and the law of Moses
Acts 15:40               Paul and Silas went on second missionary journey
Acts 22:16               Saul told to be baptized to bath away his sins
Rom. 1:16                gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes
Rom. 1:20                God's invisible attributes, eternal power, & divine nature seen in creation
Rom. 8:13                Christians put to death deeds of the body with the help of the Spirit
Rom. 10:17               faith comes from hearing the word of Christ
I Cor. 1:31              boast about the Lord
I Cor. 2:13              understand the things of God from words taught by the Spirit
I Cor. 4:6               learn not to go beyond the things that are written
I Cor. 7:10-11           married stay married; if not, remain single or be reconciled
I Cor. 16:1              on first day of week put contribution aside
Gal. 2:16                justified by faith in Christ and not by works of law
Gal. 5:4                 those justified by law are severed from Christ and fallen away from grace
Eph. 2:15                law of commandments and ordinances abolished to create one community
Col. 2:14                Jesus canceled the record of debt from the law and nailed it to the cross
Col. 2:16-17             Old law festivals, new moons, and Sabbaths were shadow of Christ
I Cor. 4:16-17           dead rise and all Christians caught up into the air to always be with Christ
II Tim. 3:16-17          scripture inspired and good for teaching, reproof, correction, training
Titus 1:5-6              appoint elders in every town, men above reproach & husband of one wife
Heb. 1:4;3:3:7:19,22,28  Jesus better than angels, Moses, & has better hope, covenant, priesthood
Heb. 9:15                Jesus' death redeemed sins under first covenant
Heb. 10:25               not to forsake meeting together
Jam. 2:24, 26            not justified by faith alone; faith without works is dead
I John 1:7               the blood of Jesus keeps cleansing from all sin
I Pet. 3:21              baptism now saves as an appeal of good conscience thru the resurrection

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