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Thessalonian and Pastoral Epistles

1 & 2 Thessalonians

  1. What were the points of the gospel that Paul preached and the Thessalonians believed?


  2. What instructions does Paul give about working and depending on others?


  3. What will happen to Christians who are still alive at Christ's second coming?


  4. What analogy does Paul use to explain how some people are going to be surprized at Christ's second coming? Will Christians be surprized in the same way?


  5. What punishment will the wicked receive at the second coming of Christ?


  6. What must happen before Christ will come again?


  7. What are the characteristics of the lawless one?


  8. What will happen to the lawless one at Christ's second coming?


  9. Why will some people be lost?


1 & 2 Timothy

  1. What should Christians' attitude and practice be toward the leaders of their country and why?


  2. What did Paul tell men and women, respectively, that each of them were to do? Thought question: Can you think of any reason(s) why he should give each of them the commands he does?


  3. What two reasons does Paul give as to why a woman should not teach the scriptures publicly?


  4. Should a bishop be married or unmarried? Can he be divorced? Why?


  5. How does Paul say that some will depart from the faith? What specific things will they forbid?


  6. How must Christians treat God's word?


  7. What is the value of the scriptures (i.e., what are they profitable for)?


  8. What activities are to characterize the life of a preacher?


  9. Why do people turn away from following the truth?



  1. Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete?


  2. By what did God save us?


  3. What metaphor does Paul use in Titus to describe the Christians' reception of the Holy Spirit?


  4. What should Christians' attitude toward a person who wants to cause trouble in a church be? What does God think of such a person?


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