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Double Homework

1 and 2 Thessalonians

  1. To whom did the Christians at Thessalonica become an example?

  2. In what city was Paul left alone on the 2nd missionary trip?

  3. What did the Thessalonians have no need for Paul to write?

  4. What is the Christian's breastplate?

  5. By what report were the Thessalonians not to be excited?

  6. Who were the Thessalonians to keep away from?

  7. Like what were the Thessalonians to treat one who disobeyed?

1 and 2 Timothy

  1. Where was Timothy when 1 Timothy was written?

  2. For whom are Christians to pray?

  3. What were two teachings of those who follow doctrines of demons?

  4. With what two things do Christians learn to be content?

  5. What were Timothy's grandmother's and mother's names?

  6. Who was teaching that the resurrection was already passed?

  7. What were the names of the two Egyptian magicians who opposed Moses?


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