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Readings and Homework from 1 & 2 Timothy

These letters were written toward the end of Paul's life, apparently after he had been let out of his Roman imprisonment mentioned in Acts 28. 1 Timothy was written while he was still free, and 2 Timothy was written after he had been imprisoned again. Together with Titus, these are called the "Pastorals."

Read the following from 1 & 2 Timothy:

1 Timothy
1:3-4  the error

2:1-3:13  various groups
     2:4--God desires all men to be saved
     2:8-12--duties of men and women
     3:1-7--qualifications of bishops
     3:8-13--qualifications of deacons

4:1-5  the coming apostasy

6:6-13  various exhortations
     6:7--cannot take anything out of this world
     6:10--love of money is root of all kinds of evil
     6:12-13--the good confession

2 Timothy
1:5  Timothy's grandmother and mother

2:14-4:8  instructions
     2:15--rightly handling the word of truth
     3:5--holding a form of religion, but denying its power
     3:15-16--the character of the scriptures
     4:2--the preacher's charge
     4:3--itching ears
     4:7--fought the good fight

Briefly answer the following questions on another sheet of paper for homework. Be sure to put your name on it.

  1. Where was Timothy when 1 Timothy was written?
  2. For whom are Christians to pray?
  3. What were two teachings of those who follow doctrines of demons?
  4. With what two things do Christians learn to be content?
  5. What was Timothy's grandmother's name?
  6. Who was teaching that the resurrection was already passed?
Bonus: What were the names of the two Egyptian magicians who opposed Moses?

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