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Titus and Philemon

  1. Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete?

  2. What evidence is there in Titus that in the first century the terms "elders" and "bishops" referred to the same people?

  3. What was Paul's solution to address the bad reputation that Cretans had?

  4. What should the relationship between older women and younger women be?

  5. What are Christians to be waiting for as they lead godly lives?

  6. Why and how did God save us?

  7. What metaphor does Paul use in Titus to describe the Christians' reception of the Holy Spirit?

  8. What should Christians' attitude toward a person who wants to cause trouble in a church be? What does God think of such a person?

  9. Where was Paul planning to spend the winter?

  10. What plays on words (puns) does Paul make with the name Onesimus (which means "useful" or "beneficial")?

  11. Why did Paul want to keep Onesimus? Why did he not do so?

  12. What did Paul see as the ultimate reason why Onesimus ran away?

  13. What offer did Paul make Philemon about the damage that Onesimus had done him?

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