Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 10

  1. What kind of group is the opposite of an overlapping group?

  2. What are two kinds of overlapping groups?

  3. Who makes up the household in the following cultures?
    1. American
    2. Hopi Indians of Arizona
    3. Tanala of Madagascar
    4. Pocomchi
    5. Ashanti of Ghana
    6. Tallensi of Ghana

  4. What are four levels of community smaller than cities?

  5. What are the sections in town of Spanish background called?

  6. What part of the world's population live in cities?

  7. What are four possible ways of tracing one's decent lines?

  8. Among the Black Caribs of Central America, who goes to bed after a child is born?

  9. How is female participation in religion different in the cultures of the Australian aborigines and the Isnew of the northern Philippines?

  10. When are children in Hopi society initiated into the secrets of the Hopi religion? What happens in these ceremonies?

  11. How is a good servant in the Philippines supposed to react when spoken to?

  12. How do Asians often seem to North Americans? How do North American often seem to Asians?

  13. What do Filipinos do to show their acceptance of a person?

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