Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 11

  1. What two concepts does Goldschmidt distinguish between as regards social control?

  2. What are four factors identified by Gergen that produce normative behavior?

  3. What kind of relationship exists between the upper and lower classes in Spanish society?

  4. What are three levels of social control mechanisms?

  5. How did the American Indians described by Lowie enforce mores?

  6. What are four negatives associated with norms?

  7. What does Cohen call behavior that violates normative rules?

  8. What are five modes of adaptation to cultural goals and means?

  9. What are three negatives of deviant behavior?

  10. What are seven beneficial results of deviance?

  11. What are two bases on which government is organized?

  12. What are four levels of governmental organization?

  13. What is the danger of a missionary trying to transplant a democratic system among the people where he is working?

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