Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 2

  1. What is one way that Bulgarian culture differs from some Asia cultures?

  2. What other two sciences besides anthropology make up the behavioral sciences?

  3. What are the three divisions of anthropology?

  4. From what two Greek words is the word "anthropology" derived and what are their meanings?

  5. What kind of approach does anthropology use that makes it different from the other behavioral sciences?

  6. What are six methodologies of science that anthropology uses?

  7. How do Grunlan and Mayers define "culture"?

  8. What is Tylor's classical definition of "culture"?

  9. What are two smaller subdivisions of culture?

  10. What is a subculture?

  11. What seven needs did Malinowski identify that all people share?

  12. What three factors is food production dependent upon?

  13. What two factors is the choice of type of shelter based upon?

  14. Among the Palauans of the South Pacific, what were three incentives to engage in warfare, and which was the most common?

  15. Which of Malinowski's needs have to do with the life cycle?

  16. According to Malinowski's Permanent Vital Sequence, what is a basic difference between drives and behavior?

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