Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 3

  1. What famous book did Malinowski read that caused him to go into the field of anthropology?

  2. What are seven disciplinary subdivisions within cultural anthropology?

  3. What are five cultural practices within a church context?

  4. What three stages of evolutionary typology were used by William Robertson?

  5. What concept of William Robertson was reintroduced by Benedict and Mead?

  6. How were the theories of cultural evolution and biological evolution related?

  7. Who was considered the "father of American anthropology"? What country was he from?

  8. What anthropologist was the teacher of Kroeber, Sapir, Benedict, and Mead?

  9. What set of premises was considered Boaz's major contribution to the discipline of anthropology?

  10. What term is used to describe the spreading of culture traits from one culture to another?

  11. What noted French anthropologist developed the school of structuralism?

  12. What classical anthropological work is Ruth Benedict most famous for? When was it published?

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