Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 4

  1. What inate ability does Chomsky suggest that humans have?

  2. What three reasons does Chomsky give to support his suggestion?

  3. What do anthropologists label the process of initially acquiring a culture? What equivalent term do sociologists use?

  4. What are the two aspects of the enculturation process?

  5. Who besides parents may care for children?

  6. What are two styles of education?

  7. What are three rites of passage associated with the birth of a child?

  8. What are three cultures which practice or practiced couvade?

  9. How do the Trobrianders explain the conception of a child?

  10. When do the Ashanti of Ghana and the Swazi of East Africa consider that a baby becomes a human being, respectively?

  11. What is the process of learning a second culture called?

  12. How do Grunlan and Mayers define culture shock and culture stress?

  13. How does assimilation differ from acculturation?

  14. What term is used to describe a feeling that one's own culture is superior to others?

  15. What two terms are used to apply to individuals who can function equally well in two langauges or two cultures?

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