Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 7

  1. How do Grunlan and Mayers define status?

  2. Give some examples of how status is shown in the United States:

  3. How is status shown among the following peoples:
    1. Sudanese?
    2. in New Guinea?
    3. Bantus in Zaire?
    4. Asari of New Guinea?

  4. How do Grunlan and Mayers define role?

  5. How might the role of a nurse change if she or he goes to another part of the world?

  6. What are five determining factors for ascribed status?

  7. What are some examples of role reversal in different cultures based on gender?

  8. What is primogeniture?

  9. What is a caste system?

  10. Give examples of some statuses that are achieved?

  11. What are three avenues of upward mobility in traditional Latin society?

  12. By what term is movement up or down the status hierarchy referred to?

  13. How did the British create role conflict in Uganda?

  14. What are two ways of resolving role conflict?

  15. What are three mental processes by which people ordinarily resolve role conflict?

  16. How does status impact Christianity in a society?

  17. What factors lead to stratification into social classes? (N.B. the answer is found in more than one place)

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