Cultural Anthropology
Grunlan and Mayers
Chapter 9

  1. What do strangers among the aborigines of Australia first do when they meet one another?

  2. What kind of political structure do the Nuer of the Sudan have?

  3. What are three kinds of kinship ties? To what do each refer?

  4. What are four examples of fictive ties? Where are each found?

  5. What shapes are used to represent males and females in a kinship diagram? What shape is sometimes used to represent an unspecified ego?

  6. What are two kinds of families?

  7. What are two types of kin terms?

  8. What are the old and new shorthand symbols for each of the following:

  9. What are three ways of counting descent?

  10. To whose social position does a man among the Trobriand Islanders succeed?

  11. What are three types of kinship groups?

  12. What are three types of kinship systems?

  13. What are three functions of kinship systems?

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