The Tapestry of Culture
Rosman and Rubel
Chapter 12 Study Guide

  1. What kinds of emotions do Rosman and Rubel suggest that art can convey?

  2. Where is art produced for art's sake?

  3. What do the Mano of Liberia say happens to a person when he dons a mask?

  4. Why do people conform to the societal rules among the Mano?

  5. What kind of emphasis runs throughout Kwakiutl art?

  6. What are permanent ways of decorating the human body? What are temporary ways?

  7. What are four levels at which artistic style may be spoken of?

  8. Where does an artist of the Poro Society get his inspiration to carve a particular mask?

  9. What are three ways that music and dance differ from painting and sculpture?

  10. What is a person called who studies the music of different ethnic groups?

  11. What kind of musical scale is the most common in the world? How many tone does it have?

  12. In Zaire how man many different rhythms can a musical piece have at one time?

  13. What has dance become in Western society for the most part? What is it associated with in most societies?

  14. What is a characteristic of dances among the Swahili due to the Islamic custom of purdah?

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