The Tapestry of Culture
Rosman and Rubel
Chapter 2 Study Guide
A Kwakiutl Marriage pp. 34-41 (8th ed.); pp. 33-38 (9th ed.)

  1. Who was Boaz's field researcher among the Kwakiutl? What three cultures was he most familiar with? In what three decades did he do research?


  2. How many stages were there to a Kwakiutl marriage?


  3. How many blankets were often given in the negotiation stage of a Kwakiutl marriage? Whom were they given by and to?


  4. What is the Kwakiutl term for a group of relatives?


  5. What did the groom's party dress as when they went to get the bride?


  6. How many more blankets were given in a potlatch to get the bride? How many of these blankets were given to the guests on the groom's side?


  7. When did the repurchase of the wife usually take place? What were the objects in the repurchase potlatch known as?


  8. How many times was the cycle of moving and repurchasing the bride carried out before she was allowed to "stay for nothing"?


  9. What was enhanced with each potlatch?


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