The Tapestry of Culture
Rosman and Rubel
Chapter 5 Study Guide

  1. What are two terms, used in both literature and anthropology, that refer to kinds of symbols?

  2. What is marriage considered metaphorically a form of among the Kwakiutl?

  3. What kind of terms are often used as metaphors for life in American culture?

  4. Who are often the only ones in a society to know the most important and esoteric symbols?

  5. What is a metaphor for sexual intercourse in a great many societies?

  6. Where do men take their meals in some New Guinea societies?

  7. In societies with totems, what are members of a clan often not allowed to eat?

  8. With what kind of people do most societies not eat?

  9. How do animal categories correspond to social distance in English society according to Edmund Leach?
    Types of AnimalsCategories of People

  10. What metaphor did Teutonic tribes use to symbolize family relationships?

  11. What is the most prestigious place in a Nuchanilth (Nootka) house to have a hearth?

  12. What animals and plants are used to symbolize the United States, the former Soviet Union, and Lebanon?

  13. When men in authority in the United States wore long hair, how was opposition to authority shown?

  14. Who always wins a cricket game in the Trobriand Islands?

  15. What color symbolizes death and mourning in the United States? What color in China?

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