The Tapestry of Culture
Rosman and Rubel
Chapter 7 Study Guide

  1. On what two bases do all societies make social distinctions?

  2. List three tasks which may be men's role in one society and women's in another:

  3. What gender roles are more valued in most societies?

  4. In Wogeo and other societies, how do men perceive women?

  5. What are the third and fourth genders?

  6. What are the 'hijab' and the 'chadar'? Where are they worn?

  7. How many age grades are found in Nandi society? What are the first four?

  8. How many categories are women divided into in Nandi society? What are they?

  9. What do the Nyakyusa establish when they make a new age set?

  10. What kind of rites mark the change from boyhood to manhood in many societies?

  11. When does the corresponding rite for girls typically occur?

  12. What cultural practice (often outlawed in the West) is practiced on females in African societies when they get married?

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