Bible 422: Church Growth and Planting Return to Syllabus

Study Guide: Streaming Across the Bridges of God
Chapter 19 of Understanding Church Growth

1. In what way does the Christian faith flow best?
2. People are more receptive when they are approached by what other kind of people?
3. In what kind of societies is the chain of relationship particularly strong?
4. In what kind of societies are bridges less influential?
5. What kind of feeling hinders church growth in pluralistic societies?
6. When do common Christians have many good connections with friends and relatives that can serve as bridges for the gospel?
7. In what two situations do Christians have few bridges for the gospel?
8. What is a danger that can happen when people stream to Christ across natural bridges?
9. What can hinder the church from spreading rapidly to all nations?
10. In order to grow, where does McGavran believe that Christians should start new congregations?
11. For whom does McGavran suggest that prayer should be offered to help growth?
12. How many people a year did a plan call for Christians to pray for their conversion?
13. Where does the most growth of a church occur?

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