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Study Guide: Discovering Causes of Growth
Chapter 7 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What two items are important to know in a church growth study but are not enough?
2. What is the goal of a church growth study?
3. What is one reason for a lack of growth in the midst of widespread receptivity?
4. What are some differences between radio evangelism in North America and the Third World?
5. What are practitioners of applied anthropology opposed to?
6. What does Tippett say that animists in the Solomon Islands are being won by?
7. What is the title of Charles Kraft's landmark book on culture?
8. What does McGavran say that most church leaders have never seen?
9. When most reasons for church growth or decline are not seen, what is the effect on those that are seen?
10. What history does McGavran say that church growth historians must see to set forth valid hypotheses for growth?
11. What are two reasons for growth slowdown that McGavran gives?
12. What is McGavran's evaluation of the Methodist practice in Ghana of educating the leaders so that the people would turn to Christ?
13. What do Gimley and Robinson give as the causes for a lack of Methodist growth in Nigeria?
14. What does Shearer's work on church growth in Korea make suspect?
15. What does McGavran say that church growth figures are seldom reported by?
16. When graphs are presented, what should accompany them?
17. What should be kept the same in a series of graphs?
18. For what time frequency should church growth figures be obtained?

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