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Study Guide: Complexity of Church Growth
Chapter 1 of Understanding Church Growth

1. In what broad area of the world is the proportion of Christians to non-Christians especially increasing?
2. What effect does losing members to a different denomination often have on a church?
3. What denomination has grown to be the largest or second largest in at least 30 countries throughout the world?
4. What does Wagner mean by the term metachurch?
5. What does McGavran say is needed besides just hearing?
6. What terms does McGavran use in place of follow-up?
7. What disciplines did church growth researchers in the 1960s and 1970s especially force on?
8. What issues according to Wagner do the leaders of the Church Growth Movement refused to take sides on?
9. What factors underlie the growth in the Philippines?
10. Who did the older missionaries in India seek to win?
11. What approach was followed in Rhodesia and Zambia by the British?
12. For growth to occur like it did in Brazil, what circumstances must be present?

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