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Study Guide: The Facts Needed
Chapter 6 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What approach does McGavran say is essential to understanding church growth?
2. What is it that has much to do with God's approval or disapproval of counting people?
3. What two basic totals are needed to begin a church growth study?
4. What are three kinds of church growth? Which helps the kingdom of God the most? the least?
5. What are Winter and Wagner's four-fold way of classifying church growth?
6. What distinction needs to be made in counting baptisms from different denominations?
7. What important fact needs to be ascertained regarding half families in a family analysis study?
8. What are categories that need to be identified in studying communities and communicants?
9. What are two other categories that need to be tracked in a church growth study?
10. What do new members bring?
11. What are the four steps of a church growth survey?
12. What are three sources of information on the causes for growth and non-growth?
13. What should church growth research concentrate on?

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