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Study Guide: Missionary Fog
Chapter 5 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What does McGavran call the lack of information about church growth?
2. When did the Church Growth Movement start stimulating books about church growth?
3. What three statistical problems lead to inaccurate membership accounting?
4. What term is defined so differently by different denominations as to make statistics using it meaningless?
5. What does McGavran say frequently proceeds as if church growth does not matter?
6. What two terms does McGavran use to describe the fact that missionary leaders think church growth happens the same the world over?
7. What eight words does McGavran say are so vague that they have many meanings and confuse the study of church growth? Which do you think contributes the most confusion?
8. What three psychological sources of confusion about church growth does McGavran list?
9. What is it that McGavran says is absolutely essential to missions but often adds confusion to the study of church growth?
10. What two things are sometimes stated in missionary reports as if they had already been realized?
11. What two theological shifts contribute to confusion about church growth?
12. What four results of missionary fog does McGavran list?

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