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Study Guide: Setting Goals for Growth
Chapter 20 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What does McGavran say is useful in focusing effort for membership growth?
2. How does McGavran define missiology?
3. What does McGavran understand Paul's prayer for the Ephesians to mean?
4. At Corinth what did the Jews charge Paul before the proconsul Gallio with doing?
5. What does McGavran say should be the dynamic center of missiology?
6. With what did Tuggy follow up his goal and how often?
7. According to Wagner, what two things do measurable goals help strategy do?
8. By what does the Church Growth Movement say that methods should be evaluated?
9. In what two situations may setting goals result in no growth at all?
10. In what way is quantitative and qualitative growth related?
11. What are three essential steps in setting goals?
12. What do the acronyms AAGR and DGR stand for?

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