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Study Guide: Impressed by First Impressions
Chapter 4 of Surprising Insights from the Unchurched

1. Why is the message from the pulpit sometimes compromised?
2. What kind of first impression items were mentioned by the formerly unchurched?
3. What did the Lakeview church do in their preschool ministry to address safety concerns?
4. Which visit impacted the formerly unchurched more, the first or the second?
5. What should the true perspective on the first impression issue be?
6. What percentage of the formerly unchurched saw the preschool/nursery/children's facility as an important first impression? What proportion had young children?
7. What percentage of the formerly unchurched were attracted by the friendliness of the people?
8. What was "manufactured friendliness" almost as bad as?
9. How does Zig Ziglar distinguish between efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence?
10. What is the problem with having a man do a survey of the grounds and buildings as to first impressions?
11. What six concerns as to facilities were raised by the formerly unchurched? Which generated the most intense comments?
12. What concern with signage did a late arriving visitor to a church have?
13. What five issues did the formerly unchurched have about children's facilities?
14. What aspect of church organization most impacts the first impressions of visitors?
15. What should a welcome center have for visitors?
16. What items make for a good greeters ministry?

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