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Study Guide: Studying the Formerly Unchurched
Introduction to Surprising Insights from the Unchurched

1. How does Rainer define a formerly unchurched person?
2. What percentage of unchurched never attend church?
3. What three factors were of most importance in the conversion of the formerly unchurched? Which of them was the number one reason for choosing a particular church?
4. Looking at the chart in Figure I.1, what percentages of unchurched were influenced in their conversion by small groups, worship style, and building location?
5. Within what time period had the formerly unchurched who were studied been converted?
6. Among how many denominations was the study done?
7. What is Rainer's definition of an effective evangelistic church?
8. In how many states was the study conducted?
9. What issue was important to both the formerly unchurched and the transfer churched?
10. What kind of strategies have many churches developed rather than those for reaching the unchurched?
11. What issue did the transfer churched consider to be more important than the formerly unchurched did?

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