Bible 422: Church Growth and Planting Return to Syllabus

Study Guide: Kinds of People Movements and Their Care
Chapter 18 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What is a common error in understanding people movements?
2. What kind of settlement pattern makes for better churches in people movements?
3. What generation immigrants are usually the most winnable?
4. What are four kinds of people movements that McGavran illustrates from the Bible and what characterizes each?
5. What is a fifth kind of people movement?
6. What do tribal societies often break down into?
7. What is the quality of people movement churches uniquely dependent upon?
8. What is the cause for most failure in people movements?
9. What is a prominent postbaptismal need that if neglected courts disaster?
10. How often should illiterates meet for worship to remain strong?
11. What kind of worship does McGavran suggest is very beneficial for illiterates and semiliterates?
12. What kind of leaders are needed in very congregation?

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