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Study Guide: Redemption and Lift
Chapter 16 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What are some of the benefits that occur when people repent and turn from their sins?
2. Why are missionaries sometimes not happy with the advance they see in their converts?
3. What is the improvement that McGavran labels as "lift" due to?
4. What kinds of institutions are established that create lift and wealth among the converts?
5. How does lift change class structure?
6. What limits the reproduction of lift?
7. What are some of the characteristics of a Christian community that separate it from the world around it?
8. What wrong method of maintaining solidarity with the world have Catholics often tried?
9. What similarly wrong method have Protestants often tried?
10. What does not happen to the income of the masses when they become Christians?
11. What effort at literacy does McGavran say should be a part of redemption?
12. When is rapid lift not an unqualified good?
13. What does redemption demand that Christians break contact with? How does it affect directions concerning marriage?
14. What does lift have to do with rather than with essential Christianity?
15. What are three things that often happen in planting churches that are not indefinitely reproducible and that result in a stoppage of church growth?

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