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Study Guide: The Cultural Mosaic of Hidden Peoples
Chapter 4 of Understanding Church Growth

1. How many people in 1988 do McGavran and Wagner say did not believe the gospel in any form?
2. What concept made Western Christians think that the task of world evangelism was finished?
3. What fact had Western Christians cheerfully disregarded regarding the task of world evangelism?
4. What word describes a population that is made up of one people with one language and one culture?
5. How many major groups in America have not been reached with the gospel?
6. How many Indian languages are spoken in Mexico?
7. How many major languages are spoken in India? Into how many castes and tribes is that nation divided?
8. Where does the flow of the Christian faith tend to stop?
9. What kind of people will it take to evangelize across racial, linguistic, and class barriers?
10. What is E-0, E-1, E-2, and E-3 evangelism?
11. What does McGavran call those who are reached by E-0 evangelism?
12. What two terms are used to refer to people in homogeneous units that are not being reached by the gospel?
13. What two major groupings do these people fall into?
14. When does McGavran think that a people has been reached?

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