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Study Guide: People Movements
Chapter 17 of Understanding Church Growth

1. In what way do cultures make decisions if they do not make individual decisions?
2. What kind of growth often characterizes churches in societies that only make individual decisions?
3. What does McGavran use the term 'people' to mean in chapter 17?
4. What class have the most successful people movements been among?
5. How does McGavran define people movement?
6. On what continents are most believers descendants of people movement converts?
7. What kind of conversion process do most leaders unconsciously present?
8. What phrase describing conversion does McGavran use instead of group conversion?
9. What do most people movement conversions usually have room for?
10. What kind of education do people movements usually depend on?
11. What is important immediately following conversion in people movements?
12. What problem arises in giving relief aid when a people movement happens?
13. What biblical examples of people movements does McGavran give?
14. What are four characteristics of people movements?
15. What mistake is sometimes made regarding new converts?

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