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Study Guide: Shattering Myths about the Unchuched
Chapter 1 of Surprising Insights from the Unchurched

1. What percentage of Americans attend church on a typical weekend?
2. What percentages of Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Bridgers regularly attend church?
3. What percentage of Americans feel that faith is very important in their lives?
4. What do many church leaders think has made Willow Creek effective that they want to imitate? What does Rainer think has made Willow Creek truly effective?
5. What percentage of the formerly unchurched said that the church name had little or no influence on their choosing that church? What percentage said it had a negative influence?
6. How does Barna define "unchurched"?
7. What percentage of formerly unchurched did not attend at all before they started going to church regularly? What percentage attended once a year? Twice? Three times? Four?
8. What percentage of the formerly unchurched had been personally evangelized by someone from the church? What percentage by someone else?
9. What did pastors from growing churches who did not seem to have a natural dynamic ability to reach others for Christ do to make up for that lack?
10. What two terms might describe a message that disappoints the unchurched? What two terms might describe teaching and preaching that attracts the unchurched?
11. What percentage of the formerly unchurched indicated that doctrine was an important factor in attracting them to a church?
12. What was the most effective kind of group in reaching the unchurched?
13. What kind of relationships were most important in reaching the unchurched? What relationship had the most influence? What relationship had minimal influence?
14. What need motivated one out of three of the formerly unchurched to go to church?
15. People in America are most receptive to the gospel before what age?

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