Bible 422: Church Growth and Planting Return to Syllabus

Study Guide: Make Hard, Bold Plans
Chapter 21 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What does McGavran say that church growth seldom occurs without?
2. What does McGavran say is necessary for Christian values, economic justice, and social betterment (among other things) to spread?
3. What is world evangelization concerned with?
4. What are the two halves of the Great Commission?
5. To what does "dog in the manger" comity refer (i.e., what are some churches doing)?
6. What three factors call for adjusting plans as they are carried out?
7. What process may world evangelization be regarded as?
8. What are four stages of world evangelization?
9. In the first stage of world evangelization, what kind of resolve does a church or part of a church make?
10. What kind of flavor do the first congregations started by outsiders have?
11. In the second stage of world evangelization, what kind of people are usually responsive to the gospel?
12. In what stage do persecution and ostracism die down and there is a transition to national leaders?
13. What is the new function of missionaries in the third stage of world evangelization?
14. What are the two tracks of evangelism during stage four?

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