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Study Guide: Pastors and Preaching Are Critical
Chapter 2 of Surprising Insights from the Unchurched

1. For what two reasons was Rainer reluctant to write chapter 2?
2. Who are the only people who can survive in pastoral ministry?
3. How often was a pastor the key to the formerly unchurched becoming churched?
4. What kind of preaching did the formerly unchurched consider "meaty"?
5. What two things did Rainer find a high correlation between in a previous study?
6. What second aspect of preaching was mentioned 40% of the time by the formerly unchurched?
7. What is one of the primary characteristics that the formerly unchurched desire in a pastor?
8. What was an often-mentioned characteristic of pastors whose churches reach the unchurched?
9. What attitude has an amazing attraction to the unchurched?
10. What kind of teaching and preaching was a major factor in reaching the formerly unchurched?
11. What percentage of respondents indicated that personal contact from the pastor was instrumental in their acceptance of Christ and in choosing a church?
12. What kinds of personal contact did the formerly unchurched mention? What kinds did they not mention?
13. In what two areas should the preacher be a good communicator? To what generations?
14. What does a church need to give it direction?
15. In what kind of setting did the formerly unchurched get to interact with a pastor in a Bible study?
16. How much time does the average preacher spend in sermon preparation for a lesson?
17. In what areas does Rainer think that pastors should be trained?

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