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Study Guide: Revival and Prayer for the Sick
Chapters 10-11 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What does McGavran say is the relationship between revival and church growth?
2. What does McGavran say that revival means to most Christians?
3. What are the two principal preconditions for revival?
4. How often do prayer meetings often take place during revivals?
5. What is the relationship between knowledge of the Bible and revival?
6. What are three outcomes of revival?
7. Where does revival generally take place?
8. Which of McGavran's seven ways that revival brings church growth do you think is most important?
9. What biblical injunction does McGavran say that most missionaries and believers ought to be following?
10. What two things do most missionary doctors think are involved in healing? Which do they often think is most important (i.e. will work without the other)?
11. What do most people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America think that disease is caused by?
12. What does McGavran say is God's relationship to natural laws with respect to healing?

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