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Study Guide: Sources to Search for Causes of Growth
Chapter 8 of Understanding Church Growth

1. Why does McGavran say that church growth is not just due to evangelistic campaigns?
2. What are the best sources for understanding the causes of church growth?
3. What is the main problem with these best sources?
4. What does McGavran say about the completeness of information from pastors and missionaries?
5. Who does McGavran say is not much help in understanding church growth?
6. What guidelines should interviewers follow in talking with lay Christians?
7. How many lay Christians does McGavran suggest should be interviewed?
8. Where do initial interview questions come from?
9. What restriction does McGavran put on interviewing recent converts? Why?
10. What two questions about relatives does McGavran think are important to ask recent converts?
11. When reading books with background information to church growth, what should one have in hand?
12. What four other sources does McGavran suggest consulting on page 114 of the third edition of his book?
13. What is often the result of promoting a missionary to an administrative post in a missionary society?
14. What kinds of reasons for growth or non-growth should be questioned?
15. What kind of causes should always be assumed for each spurt of growth or period of retardation?

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