Bible 422: Church Growth and Planting Return to Syllabus

Study Guide: Task, Opportunity, and Imperative
Chapter 3 of Understanding Church Growth

1. What does McGavran say is today's supreme task?
2. What becomes the purpose of those deeply impressed by physical needs?
3. What do those who believe in quality rather than quantity say is more important than evangelism?
4. What does McGavran say must not be made a prerequisite for faith in Christ?
5. What is the lesson to be learned from the Methodist Church in Taiwan?
6. What are three reasons why shepherds may return empty-handed?
7.How does McGavran contrast the world today with regards to missions as compared with earlier days?
8. How much of the world is still indifferent or hostile to the good news of Jesus?
9. When people become responsive to the gospel, what can those with eyes to see discern?
10. What do the Greek words panta ta ethne "all nations" really refer to?
11. What does McGavran say is today's paramount task, opportunity, and imperative?

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