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Study Guide: Zuni Church Growth


  1. What policy did the government rescind in 1896?
  2. What effort by VanderWagen left the Zunis appreciative but unconverted?
  3. What two programs did Fryling start at Zuni?
  4. Why was Fryling cautious in accepting candidates for baptism?
  5. What were the problems with the 1941 Zuni translation of the Gospel of John?
  6. What effect did infant baptism have on the recipients as they grew up?
  7. Which gender made up the most responses in the sixties and seventies?
  8. What general trend in attendance does Table 3 show from the 1950's to the 1970's?
  9. What missionary opinion seems to have determined Christian Reformed mission policy?
  10. What three changes in mission policy did the Catholics make in the mid-1960's?
  11. What language have the Baptists used in most of their mission efforts?
  12. Why did the Assembly of God missionaries leave after six months?


  1. What does Terry label the 1629 group conversion?
  2. What does Terry think is the strongest single force preventing Zuni conversion?
  3. In what do Zunis believe that religious power is found?
  4. What does Terry think is the most disastrous Christian Reformed policy in terms of growth?
  5. What does Luzbetak say about the syncretism of Zuni and Catholic religions?
  6. What Catholic approach does Terry say is sociologically sound?
  7. What four hindrances does Terry list regarding Baptist growth at Zuni?


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