Study Questions
Metzger pp. 129-135

  1. What critical edition of the Greek New Testament was published in 1881? Who were the editors? How many volumes did it contain?

  2. What two kinds of "Internal Evidence of Readings" did Hort identify?

  3. What did Hort say that a "community of reading" implies?

  4. What did Westcott and Hort call the four principal types of text that they distinguished?

  5. Which form of text did Westcott and Hort say was the latest?

  6. What did Hort say was a marked characteristic of the Western text?

  7. What two manuscripts did Westcott and Hort feel were closest to the autographs (original manuscripts)?

  8. What did Westcott and Hort label the places where they felt the Western text preserved the original reading?

  9. What do scholars today generally agree that one of the chief contributions of Westcott and Hort was?

  10. Who was a noted defender of the Textus Receptus against Westcott and Hort? What English translation did he fight against?

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