Study Questions
Metzger pp.

  1. When did Streeter publish his work on the four gospels? Whose work did he build on?

  2. What new type of text did Streeter posulate? What uncial codex and what minuscule families belong to this text type?

  3. What two of Westcott and Hort's text types did Streeter join as one?

  4. Who did Streeter believe had produced the Byzantine text type and when was this adopted?

  5. After what century does Streeter say that Byzantine readings can be ignored?

  6. Into what two regions did Streeter divide the Western text type? What are the principal manuscripts of each region?

  7. Into what two regions did Streeter divide the Eastern type of text? What are the principal manuscripts of each? Which has no Greek manuscripts supporting it?

  8. What date did Streeter assigned to Lucian's Revised Text?

  9. What two things did Streeter believe should be considered in weighing the external evidence in favor of a reading?

  10. What manuscripts did Streeter say are the primary authorities from each region?
    1. Alexandria
    2. Antioch
    3. Caesarea
    4. Italy and Gaul
    5. Carthage

  11. How many leading representatives of a local text did Streeter believe needed to support a reading before it was unnecessary to cite additional evidence from that group?

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