Study Questions
Metzger pp. 186-200

  1. What were four circular Greek letters that were often confused by scribes?

  2. What were three cross-bar Greek letters that were often confused by scribes?

  3. What Greek letter was confused with two lambdas? What with a lambda and iota?

  4. What kind of error is facilitated by homoeoteleuton? To what does homoeoteleuton refer?

  5. What is the error of copying something twice that occurs only once called?

  6. What three vowels and three regular diphthongs came to be all pronounced like the "ee" in "feet" in later Koiné Greek?

  7. What two sets of pronouns were often confused in manuscripts because of the preceeding pronunciations?

  8. What are four kinds of unintentional errors of the mind that Metzger lists?

  9. What two kinds of notes were written in the margins of manuscripts that led to copying mistakes?

  10. What atrocious blunder did the scribe of manuscript 109 make?

  11. What New Testament book contains many Semitisms and solecisms that scribes were often tempted to correct?

  12. What did scribes often try to do to discordant parallels and quotations?

  13. What words were often added to "the chief priests"? To "scribes"? To "Jesus"?

  14. What name did scribes substitute for Jeremiah in Matt. 27:9?

  15. What would scribes often do when they were aware of two variant readings for a passage they were copying?

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