Study Questions
Metzger pp. 201-221

  1. What change did some scribes make to John 7:8?

  2. What name is given to the rich man of Luke 16:19 by the Sahidic version and p75?

  3. What are three criteria for evaluating external evidence?

  4. What does "more difficult" mean in the phrase "the more difficult reading is to be preferred"?

  5. In what two cases is the shorter reading not to be preferred?

  6. What two kinds of divergent passages were often brought into harmony with one another?

  7. What three kinds of changes of vocabulary and grammar would scribes sometimes make?

  8. What do intrinsic probabilities depend upon?

  9. What uncial manuscripts represented by English letters support the Byzantine type of text in the gospels?

  10. How many minuscules support the Byzantine type of text?

  11. What early writers used the Western type of text?

  12. What letter is used to indicate manuscripts which are Western in the gospels, Acts, and Pauline epistles?

  13. What uncial manuscript and what families are of the Caesarean type of text?

  14. What are the two chief uncial witnesses to the Alexandrian type of text?

  15. What do the following abbreviations mean?
    1. pc
    2. al
    3. pm
    4. pl
    5. vid

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